Anser is by far the most interesting and one of the most popular Toronto-based street artists. In the few interviews Anser has given, Anser has the interviewer arbitrarily select a gender for the article to remain anonymous. “I don’t like lying to people or hiding who I am,” she says. “But there’s also something compelling about anonymity. It makes the work about how people respond to the image rather than about some personality cult of the artist.” Anser is known for the “mysterious date” a signature graffiti bomb of minimalist portraits which are built upon the face as a mask. A persons face is a surface view of what is behind the face. When asked by Now News Toronto on appropriating private property for free public art Anser had this to say “Inherent in all graffiti art is a critique of capitalism – specifically our society’s obsession with property. That’s why I prefer to tag banks and government buildings – especially because the cost for them of painting over a couple of quick spray-painted lines is so minimal.”  For anyone who has followed Anser over the years, you may have noticed a shift in the feminism of the pictures as Anser has transformed to more androgynous images so that the images can appeal and connect to a broader audience. You can catch Anser here for weekly giveaways and steep discounted art work draws on fridays! You can follow Anser on Instagram here.Screenshot 2017-04-09 at 17.19.41anser_soteeoh_print2.jpg

Anser Alley


Anser’s signature graffiti bomb. Photo by Peter Jermyn


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