DJ LU Bogota, Colombia.

To DjLu Juegasiempre:

Last year I visited Bogotá, Colombia for the first time and was in awe with your work, especially the politically motivated pieces because they had very strong messages that took some dissecting. I have attached a picture of a piece you did and was wondering if you could tell me more about the piece such as why you painted it, why the specific location, and any personal connections you have to it or any other information you would like to share.

From DjLu Juegasiempre:

Hello Marcus,

Thanks a lot for the interest in the work, I’m glad for the publication. That piece was made as a part of a big wall downtown Bogotá which we decided to do with the crew that I work with, Bogotá Street Art. It was made in 2014. I decided as in many of my walls to make a homage to anonymous people which I find and photograph on the streets, the idea is to put an eye on everyday people and criticise the commercial idols created by media and consumerism. The technique is the stencil, in which I can get the most of textures. I avoid using too much colour as I consider it a distraction from the essential. There are pictograms in the background which through symbolic language make a statement about violence.
I hope that can clear things up a little bit.
You can find works of mine online at two galleries:
Instagram: @urbancodeart

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